A Town Like This

Before Broadchurch, there was Broadhampton, a quirky little town on the Dorset coast where nothing much ever happens. Until Rupert Winkle, an exiled reporter from Channel 4, decides to move down and make a name for himself. As a mysterious cavalcade winds through the centre of Broadhampton, scattering the town band in its wake, little does the doyen of broadcasting realise the young woman on the other side of the street is about to become his able adversary. Throw in a flatulent sports reporter, an illegal immigrant in the attic of a gents and female outfitters, royal newlyweds, some weird and wonderful characters and a spat between locals and townies and there you have it, Tom Sharpe meets Thomas Hardy at the delicatessen counter, with Fay Weldon weighing your chosen items on the scales.

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