Thursday, 3 December 2015

Unique Bridport novels in a unique Bridport venue

A crop of fiction based in and around Bridport will be on sale at Bridport Electric Palace on Saturday 12 December between 10am and 1pm.

Novels by the three founding members of The Bridport Press – Sean Geraghty, Mitch Norman and former Bridport News editor Margery Hookings, who writes under the pen name of Maddie Grigg – will be on sale, along with children’s stories written by the late Jenny Billett.

Margery’s non-fiction book, My Kind of Town, about the history of Bridport over the last 150 years as seen through the eyes of the local newspaper, will also be available, as well as A Year in Lush Places, based on her award-winning blog, The World from my Window. Under her nom de plume, she now writes a weekly column for The People’s Friend magazine.

Mitch Norman’s novel, Well, Fare Thee Well, is a funny and poignant, bitter-sweet coming-of-age story featuring scooters, Tamla Motown and girls.

The Borassic Coast is a dark tale revealing the underbelly of The Jurassic Coast through linked characters and stories.

A Town Like This by Maddie Grigg is a farcical romp featuring a cavernous outfitters with hidden attics and a local newspaper reporter out to make a name for himself. 

The books will be on sale in the Palace’s cafĂ©, where you can enjoy a coffee and a cake to the sound of Mitch’s mellow guitar, on Saturday 12 December between 10am and 1pm.

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