Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Grab a piece of fiction set in a land not that far away...

Get your hands on something a little bit different this Christmas.

All our books,including the first three (pictured above) are available online.

Two of our novels are also available on Kindle for immediate download. Go to The Borassic Coast and A Town Like This. 

Maddie Grigg's novella, A Year in Lush Places: Tales from England's Rural Underbelly, is also available on Kindle - check out the reviews.

If you'd like to order Well, Fare Thee Well, A Town Like This or The Borassic Coast in paperback, your best bet is to do this direct from the publishers,, although we are hoping to organise a pre-Christmas sale. Watch this space!

The Erosian Fairies by Jenny Billett

The third book by the late Jenny Billett is now available.

Liama lives in the Kingdom of Erosana. She is excited because the Fairy Queen is giving her new wings with magic power, but the Queen disappears and the evil goblins sneak into the kingdom.

Liama must search for the Queen to save the fairies. She is helped by Oran, an extraordinary otter-like creature and together they bravely face danger. During their journey they meet dragons, monsters and frightening birds, but also find help and kindness in other kingdoms.

However, the adventure is not over when they discover the Fairy Queen...

The Erosian Fairies is in aid of Riding for the Disabled Association. 

  • Jenny Billett wrote for children using her imagination to create adventure. She was also a singer and an artist working in stained glass and other media. She had an affinity with children and was passionate about the countryside and wildlife. Jenny died aged 25 years in 1994 attempting to rescue a stranded sheep from a cliff top in Dorset. Jenny’s books are published posthumously and proceeds from sales go to charity.