Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's time to get this launch party started...

Well, as you can see, here at The Bridport Press we're getting just a little bit excited.
We're as skittish as only a three-headed hydra can be. That's because we've been discussing the launch later this month of our three new books.

The novels are all debuts by Bridport folk and all very different. They are:

Well, Fare Thee Well by Mitch Norman
A Town Like This by Maddie Grigg
The Borassic Coast by S C Geraghty

You can find out more about each book by looking at the relevant pages on this website and following the links to buy copies. There's information about the authors too.

We're set for several events, the first being a signing at Waterstones, Bridport, on Saturday 23 November, 10am until noon. There'll be a launch party the following week and a signing and selling session at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday 30 November.

Whether we can agree about which pen to use to sign the books, though, is another matter.

See you there.


  1. "A flatulent sports reporter" eh? Too late for you to be getting a writ on that one anyway! I shall send my footman down to purchase a copy or even lay my hands on a pirated version knowing you fondness for the jolly roger.

    1. I do miss him. The character based on him is much tamer in comparison and I am sure it is him who features in Spike Milligan's war books. His prowess at turning his belches into 'Burt Boulton' was legendary. Hope you enjoy the nonsense, pirated or otherwise. Maddie x