Saturday, 16 November 2013

Q&A with our three authors: Mitch Norman

What’s your novel called?
Well, Fare Thee Well

What’s it about?
The trials of angst-driven youth and their experiences with first-love and living in Smallville, UK, while trying to adhere to a diluted Mod culture.

When did you write it?
About twenty years ago. I had typed it out on an old Smith Corona typewriter. The manuscript had moved around with me to various locations. I found it at my present dwelling in a drawer in my garage.

Why did you write it? What was the inspiration behind it?
I always wanted to write a book.

Why did you wait until now to publish it?
I was asked to join the 'Bridport Press'.

Does your book have a theme?
Love is pain.

Are the characters based on real people?
It's a mixture of fiction and experience.

What’s your favourite bit?
Listening to a Gamble and Huff song on the radio in the bedroom whilst agonising over a lost love....

Give us three words to sum up the book’s style.
Exuberant,nostalgic, evocative.

Are there any more books in the pipeline?
Yes. I might finish it.

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