Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hello, good evening and welcome

Once upon a time, three old friends from Bridport wrote novels inspired by their home town. 

The manuscripts languished in various drawers until this year when our three authors decided to throw caution to the wind and publish and be damned. 

The three books couldn't be more different: a funny and poignant, bitter-sweet coming-of-age story from Mitch Norman, featuring scooters, Tamla Motown and girls; a dark tale revealing the underbelly of The Jurassic Coast through linked characters and stories by S C Geraghty and a farcical romp by Maddie Grigg featuring a cavernous outfitters with hidden attics and a local newspaper reporter out to make a name for himself. 

The books will be launched in November 2013.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Website under construction

Bear with us - the website is currently under construction and will be updated and launched just as soon as this three-headed hydra that is The Bridport Press can agree.