Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Books available on Kindle

To be sure of receiving any of our novels in time for Christmas, the last date for ordering direct from the publisher, FeedARead.com, is today.

You still might be able to pick up paperbacks in Waterstones, Bridport, or by approaching the authors direct.

But you can get Kindle copies of A Town Like This by Maddie Grigg and The Borassic Coast by S C Geraghty at any time. Just go to the links.

Maddie's comic novella, A Year in Lush Places: tales from England's rural underbelly, inspired by life in a West Dorset village, is also available on Kindle.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Order our books in time for Christmas!

Two of our novels are available on Kindle for immediate download.

Maddie Grigg's novella, A Year in Lush Places: Tales from England's Rural Underbelly, is also available on Kindle - check out the reviews.

If you'd like to order Well, Fare Thee Well. A Town Like This or The Borassic Coast in paperback and get them in time for Christmas, your best bet is to do this direct from the publishers, FeedARead.com

Here's more info from them:

Christmas Order Deadlines 2013

Wishing you an (early) very merry Christmas and thank you very much - to authors for their books, and to readers who are enjoying our authors’ work throughout 2013. Please find below the final Christmas order dates for direct site order through FeedARead. To assure delivery of your books, please place orders no later than:

Paperback Books - Direct Site Order

In the US – December 10th
In the UK –  December 10th
In Australia - December 10th
In Europe –  December 7th

• Please note that books are processed for print on the print line first, and any orders placed after the noted cut-off dates above cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. 
• Please order early! Countries internal postage systems will have the largest workload on their infrastructures in the holiday season so please order early to avoid unexpected delays 

We will be working up to Christmas, and all orders past the above dates will be processed as soon as possible by the printers.

Ordering books at booksellers
Final Christmas order dates for books at booksellers such as Amazon will be as listed on the various booksellers websites.

We hope you have a really enjoyable Christmas and look forward to seeing you (in cyberspace!) in 2014!

best wishes

Thefeedaread team

Friday, 29 November 2013

About last night

It was a launch party like no other.

In the quirky Lyric Theatre, in Bridport's Barrack Street, we chatted, we nibbled, we tapped our feet and listened to the music. Wo-ah-ah, listen to the music.

We marvelled at the flock wallpaper, we drank pints of Thatchers cider and glasses of wine and caught up with old friends.

'Are we in it?' was the recurring question of the night as people leafed through the books before parting with their cash.

'Well, yes, and no. Buy a book and work it out for yourself.'

Last night was lift off for The Bridport Press and our three books - Well, Fare Thee Well by Mitch Norman, A Town Like This by Maddie Grigg and The Borassic Coast by S C Geraghty.

Maddie was greedy and also slipped in her book, A Year in Lush Places: Tales from England's Rural Underbelly, by popular request. But then, Mitch and Sean also slipped in a CD or two.

Poor Mr Grigg. Two hours in the Lush Places community shop and then manning the book stand at The Bridport Press launch. The man deserves a medal. As does the lovely Hadassah, who'd spent the afternoon hard at work putting all the nibbles together.

At the end of the evening, one of the three heads of the hydra that is The Bridport Press realised we hadn't taken any group photos.

So a few blurred shots taken by others and you kind of get a picture of how it went.
 And we wonder why.
So thanks, one and all and all for one, for turning up in such numbers and with such smiley faces.

There will be more news of The Bridport Press to come, the hydra is not dead just yet. So keep watching this website and our Facebook page for more news.

In the meantime, if you couldn't make it last night and would like a signed copy of one of the books, we'll be at Bridport Arts Centre craft fair tomorrow morning, selling hand-crafted words from Dorset.

And if that's not a possibility, you can order the books from the FeedARead site or from all good booksellers.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Book signing at Waterstones, Bridport

Our thanks to Nick at Waterstone's, Bridport, for hosting today's book signing session.

You can get copies of the book from the store in East Street or order them via the FeedARead website.

We're also having a launch party this coming Thursday at the Lyric Theatre, Barrack Street, Bridport (please put your name on the guest list or let us know via our Facebook page). There will also be another signing session at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday 30 November at a day time craft fair.

The books make ideal Christmas presents - each one is different but very much a real, thick slice of Dorset life.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Q&A with our three authors: Maddie Grigg

What’s your book called?

What’s it about?
It’s a comic farce based on my early days as a local newspaper reporter in Bridport and, before that, Newton Abbot. Basically, the plot centres on what happens when a know-all journalist from London comes down and tries to make a name for himself. He is unprepared for the bizarre twists and turns that happen after royal newlyweds move into a nearby stately home.

When did you write it?
I began writing it in the late 1980s. It went through several different drafts before I ended up with the version I have now.

Why did you write it? What was the inspiration behind it?
A local newspaper office is a fertile breeding ground for the most amazing characters and situations. I’ve worked with some truly larger than life people and I’ve come across so many odd and interesting stories in Dorset and Devon over the years. I wanted to capture that sense of weirdness. I like to tell a moralistic story with completely off-the-wall bells and whistles attached. I’m a surrealist at heart, living in a parallel universe, and hate injustice.

Why did you wait until now to publish it?
It’s a confidence thing, really. Years ago, I had great feedback on the first draft from my friend and mentor, Dr Who scriptwriter the late David Martin. But I didn’t do anything with the manuscript. Then, on the day of David's funeral in 2007, I had a bit of an epiphany and decided to start writing again. I did a couple of creative writing courses with The Open University and found my writer’s voice. This past year, I’ve been living in Greece which gave me the time and creative focus to get on and finish A Town Like This and come up with new ideas. After that, I contacted Mitch and Sean as I knew they had both written novels some years ago which were inspired by West Dorset. I suggested we publish together under the umbrella of The Bridport Press. I figured there might be safety in numbers.

Does your book have a theme?
It didn’t start out with one. Themes can be a bit grand or contrived for a simple soul like me, especially where farce is concerned. But I realised at the end, A Town Like This is about loyalty, a sense of place and social justice, with decent people coming out on top and bad people getting their just desserts.

Are the characters based on real people?
Of course they are. But they are an amalgam of people with whom I have worked and known over the years. There are three characters – Ketty, Bertie and Elsie – who are based on real people but two of them are dead and one of them is me. To be honest, the real Bertie was far more colourful in real life.

What’s your favourite bit?
I like the scene where Winkle is interviewing the illegal immigrant he comes across in Elsie's attic. I also like the ending at the local agricultural show. The real show is always one of the high points of my Bridport year because it’s often on my birthday.

Give us three words to sum up the book’s style.
Comedy, characters and countryside.

Are there any more books in the pipeline?
Yes. I published A Year in Lush Places earlier in 2013, which is a novella based on my blog, The World from my Window, which takes a sideways and affectionate look at life in a West Dorset village. I think a sequel could well be in the offing. But first I have Kalimera Kerkyra: A Year on a Greek Island to finish, which tells the story of my Big Fat Greek Gap Year in 2013 when I lived in Emma Tennant’s family’s house. There is also the first of a trilogy based on a Stuart time traveller which begins in West Dorset in 1651.  I’m not sure about that one. And there is also a book based on Facebook statuses which tell the funny but poignant story of my eight-year-old grand-daughter who is getting wiser by the day and my friend’s elderly mother, who has dementia. It’s going to be called Glad to be Faye and profits will be split between the special care baby unit at Dorchester and The Alzheimer’s Society.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Q&A with our three authors: S C Geraghty

What’s your novel called?

What’s it about?
Dorsentric life: a flipside to the over-simplified image of a tranquil rural idyll. It is a dark and harsh view at times, but also has some mordantly funny moments to break up the clouds.

When did you write it?
Some sections written over a decade ago, others more recently, all revisited and reworked extensively in 2013.

Why did you write it? What was the inspiration behind it?
I wanted to connect a collection of short stories I'd been working on. Each one had Dorset in common, when I put them together it began to map out a rich, peculiar and sometimes brutal world. I got into it and things began to take on a momentum of their own.

Why did you wait until now to publish it?
I wasn't confident enough and I didn't know how to pull off the ambition of the idea. It dawned on me that if I was ever going finish it, I just had to knuckle down and find out how to. So I got some help, and I tried a bit harder.

Does your book have a theme?
It looks at quite a few themes. I wanted the Dorset coast and landscape to be a sort of 'anvil'; a beautiful but dangerous place, like a desert full of hazards and mirages. There's quite a body count by the end.

Are the characters based on real people?
Some events happened to real people, or are based on personal experiences, some ideas came from dreams and a lot more comes from developing a particular set of circumstances. There are several departures into the unknown. One section started as a short film script. When I began writing it out in 'longhand' it seemed to have greater potential and depth.

What’s your favourite bit?
Favourite bit was holding a finished copy.

Give us three words to sum up the book’s style.
Deepest Darkest Dorset.

Are there any more books in the pipeline?
There is a part 2 and I have begun piecing it together. I haven't finished with some of the characters yet and there's a few more to introduce.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Q&A with our three authors: Mitch Norman

What’s your novel called?
Well, Fare Thee Well

What’s it about?
The trials of angst-driven youth and their experiences with first-love and living in Smallville, UK, while trying to adhere to a diluted Mod culture.

When did you write it?
About twenty years ago. I had typed it out on an old Smith Corona typewriter. The manuscript had moved around with me to various locations. I found it at my present dwelling in a drawer in my garage.

Why did you write it? What was the inspiration behind it?
I always wanted to write a book.

Why did you wait until now to publish it?
I was asked to join the 'Bridport Press'.

Does your book have a theme?
Love is pain.

Are the characters based on real people?
It's a mixture of fiction and experience.

What’s your favourite bit?
Listening to a Gamble and Huff song on the radio in the bedroom whilst agonising over a lost love....

Give us three words to sum up the book’s style.
Exuberant,nostalgic, evocative.

Are there any more books in the pipeline?
Yes. I might finish it.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Extracts from our three new novels inspired by Bridport and West Dorset

You can read extracts from all three books by following these links to get to the book pages of the FeedaRead website. Scroll down to find PDFs.

The Borassic Coast by S C Geraghty

Well, Fare Thee Well by Mitch Norman

A Town Like This by Maddie Grigg

Monday, 11 November 2013

Launch date fixed - it'll soon be lift-off

We're jumping for joy!

We've finally got a date for our official book launch. It's going to be on Thursday 28 November at the Lyric Theatre, Barrack Street, Bridport.

We'll be saying hello, good evening and welcome to The Bridport Press's trio of books by local authors Maddie Grigg, S C Geraghty and Mitch Norman.

Come along for book signings, readings, live music, nibbles, maybe some dancing, much frivolity and literary musings.

If you can't wait until then, our first signing session is at Waterstones, Bridport, on Saturday 23 November, 10am-noon.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

It's time to get this launch party started...

Well, as you can see, here at The Bridport Press we're getting just a little bit excited.
We're as skittish as only a three-headed hydra can be. That's because we've been discussing the launch later this month of our three new books.

The novels are all debuts by Bridport folk and all very different. They are:

Well, Fare Thee Well by Mitch Norman
A Town Like This by Maddie Grigg
The Borassic Coast by S C Geraghty

You can find out more about each book by looking at the relevant pages on this website and following the links to buy copies. There's information about the authors too.

We're set for several events, the first being a signing at Waterstones, Bridport, on Saturday 23 November, 10am until noon. There'll be a launch party the following week and a signing and selling session at Bridport Arts Centre on Saturday 30 November.

Whether we can agree about which pen to use to sign the books, though, is another matter.

See you there.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hello, good evening and welcome

Once upon a time, three old friends from Bridport wrote novels inspired by their home town. 

The manuscripts languished in various drawers until this year when our three authors decided to throw caution to the wind and publish and be damned. 

The three books couldn't be more different: a funny and poignant, bitter-sweet coming-of-age story from Mitch Norman, featuring scooters, Tamla Motown and girls; a dark tale revealing the underbelly of The Jurassic Coast through linked characters and stories by S C Geraghty and a farcical romp by Maddie Grigg featuring a cavernous outfitters with hidden attics and a local newspaper reporter out to make a name for himself. 

The books will be launched in November 2013.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Website under construction

Bear with us - the website is currently under construction and will be updated and launched just as soon as this three-headed hydra that is The Bridport Press can agree.